Best Treadmill For Bad Back Pain

Best Treadmill For Bad Back Pain

Back pain can be challenging and frustrating. This makes it important to find the best treadmill for bad back pain.

With the right treadmill, you can start seeing results without re-injuring the back.

This guide is a detailed look at the best treadmill for bad backs, what to look for, and why we recommend finding the right fit.

Best Treadmill For Bad Back

Best Treadmill for Bad Back: Nordic T Series Treadmill (6.5S)

Key Features:

  • 5″ Backlit LED Display
  • Built-in Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor
  • 20 Pre-Downloaded Workouts
  • 20″ x 55″ Running Surface
  • 1.9″ Precision Flex Rollers

The Nordic T Series 6.5S is an exceptional machine from top to bottom. It’s versatile, efficient, and simply perfect for those dealing with back problems.

Having a machine such as this at your fingertips makes a noticeable difference. You have an easier time holding onto the handrails with this treadmill. It’s one of the best treadmills for wonky backs and makes the process look easy. You’re going to enjoy running long distances on this machine.

Along with having an excellent running surface, it’s easy on the feet and offers a boatload of workout programs to choose from. Continue to sift through the various settings before coming up with a good fit for your needs. This is what separates it from the rest.

We recommend the Nordic T Series 6.5S because it is the best treadmill for bad back pain.

Finding the Best Treadmill for Bad Back

1. Quality Handrails

The handrails are your best friend when it comes to running with a bad back.

Most treadmill users feel comfortable holding onto the handrails at various points during their workout session. This is why the best treadmill for back pain needs to incorporate top-tier handrails.

While looking for a brand-new treadmill, it’s best to focus on a few details.

The handrails should be long, easy to hold onto, and in line with a person’s traditional running motion. Otherwise, the handrails may not be easy to grab while moving at a faster speed.

There are several variations on the open market, but we believe it’s important to look at the ergonomics before investing. The world’s finest treadmill companies pay attention to this before releasing their designs.

2. Spacious Running Surface

The running surface has to be well-sized or you’re going to get hurt.

A bad back needs ample room to move and try to run on a smaller belt isn’t worth it. You’re going to end up using bad technique to stay on track and that’s when the back pain flares up.

Stay smart and only invest in a treadmill that’s equipped with a sizable running surface. Anything short of this isn’t worth your time and shouldn’t be on your list as a potential option!

What is a good size to go with?

There are different dimensions available but it’s best to go with something that’s at least 15″ x 45″.

This provides enough space to move around and stay on track without falling. If you don’t feel comfortable on the running surface, it’s not the one for you. Go with a leading brand and know the running surface isn’t going to be an issue.

Best Treadmill For Bad Back

3. Refined Shock Absorption

Shock absorption is an underrated quality while searching for a brand-new treadmill. However, a person that is struggling with ongoing back pain knows how important it is to minimize damage.

What does shock absorption have to do with your bad back?

It has everything to do with it!

In general, when a person runs, they receive feedback from the ground and it goes up their body (ankles, knees, hips, neck). Remember, everything is interlinked and that includes your back. If the ground is hard and there’s minimal “give” in the running surface, you’re going to end up with an injury.

Sometimes, this doesn’t occur on the spot. It ends up becoming an issue over time as the body continues to take a pounding during your treadmill sessions.

To avoid dealing with those problems, we believe it’s best to go with something that has built-in shock absorption. This feature ensures the running surface absorbs some of the “shock” from your running stride and makes it softer as you land. This can reduce most of the pressure that’s put on your joints and back.

Think about how the parts are put together because a world-class treadmill will have offer some form of shock absorption.

4. Various Settings and Speeds

It’s important to select a treadmill that comes with various settings and speeds.

This ensures you’re able to flip through different speeds without missing a beat. When a person is restricted to a few settings, they end up pushing through when it was better to slow things down.

You need to have as much control as possible to keep your back in good shape. As soon as you lose this control to the treadmill, it leads to back injuries or back pain. With a bad back, you have to be doubly focused on what you are doing on the treadmill.

Take your time to find a machine that comes with reliable settings and a multitude of workout programs to choose from. This will ensure you end up with something that’s useful and easy on the back.

5. Easy to Use Buttons

What about the buttons on the treadmill?

It’s one thing to like the settings and another to enjoy using the buttons. With a bad back, you don’t want to deal with a scenario where the buttons are impossible to use. This is one of the biggest concerns people have and it’s not something you want to come up.

Why is it a bad thing?

Wonky buttons tend to take longer to press and this puts undue stress on your back while running. Imagine having the treadmill on at 5 MPH and then wanting to slow things down only for the button to get jammed. This stress on your mind and body can take a toll.

It’s also an issue that can lead to injury depending on what happens as you attempt to press the button harder.

Instead of going with a treadmill that has awful buttons, it’s best to go with something that provides “easier to reach” buttons that are well-placed. These finer design elements are just as important as any other feature.

6. Good Traction

The final tip for finding the right treadmill for injured backs is to consider overall traction.

When a treadmill doesn’t offer enough traction, you’re going to feel as if the feet are slipping out from under you. This is not only disconcerting as a runner, it’s also something that can put stress on your back.

The back needs a solid foundation from the lower body and slipping never helps.

It starts to put the weight on your back as you’re running. When a person is in this situation, they also tend to ignore their form to save themselves. This is why it’s better to go with a treadmill that has a good running surface with ample traction. This is the only way to stay safe.

Final Thoughts

These are the most important tips for finding a world-class treadmill with a bad back.

Take the opportunity to look at the Nordic T Series 6.5S because it’s a winner from all angles. Anyone dealing with a bad back has to put this on their list as soon as possible. The machine is easy to use, functional and offers a wide array of settings ideal for back pain sufferers.