Can Jogging Hurt Your Back? A Detailed Look at Jogging Correctly

Can Jogging Hurt Your Back? A Detailed Look at Jogging Correctly

Is pain a potential issue when it comes to jogging? Can jogging hurt your back?

This is a concern people have when it comes to starting a new cardio regimen. Whether it’s to lose weight, get better at jogging, or to simply have a good time, it’s important to do this without pain.

As a result, it’s time to look at whether or not jogging is a good idea for those worried about back pain.

Jogging is well-regarded as a premier way to lose weight and it’s often a go-to option as a cardiovascular activity.

This guide is going to take a look at jogging and how to make sure back pain isn’t an issue moving forward.

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Can Jogging Hurt Your Back?

Let’s begin by answering the main question.

No, jogging isn’t going to hurt your back as long as you’re patient and using the right technique.

Any exercise can become a bad one with poor form. This is a major issue people have and it’s not a good situation to be in for those who want a legitimate solution.

Instead of dealing with back pain all the time, jogging is regarded as a good way to alleviate those symptoms.

To make sure you’re getting more out of each session, the rest of this read is going to focus on important jogging tips.

Tips for Jogging Without Pain

1. Learn the Proper Technique

It starts with your jogging technique.

Even some of the world’s finest marathon runners spend time adjusting their technique. It’s human nature to start developing kinks due to laziness and that’s when things start to fall apart.

You want something that’s efficient, simple, and is going to work well. This is why most people enjoy learning the proper technique. It works better and generates far better returns from a cardiovascular perspective.

To learn the technique, you want to start by watching other joggers go through their routine. Look at how their feet land on the ground, where their arms are positioned, and how high their knees come up.

Each detail is going to matter along with the gear you’re wearing.

Without these details, you are going to develop issues with your technique and that’s when injuries happen.

can jogging hurt your back

2. Wear the Right Shoes

Are you wearing the best shoes for jogging with back pain?

It’s important to think about putting on the right footwear as soon as it’s time to jog. Otherwise, you are going to remain a step behind in your bid to stay injury-free. Take the time to invest in a good pair of running shoes.

So, what shoes are good for jogging?

It’s going to take a while to find something that’s comfortable for your feet and that’s okay. Don’t worry about this and make sure to keep looking until you’re completely satisfied.

Our recommended jogging shoes include:

With one of these pairs on, you’re going to feel on top of the world while jogging. Remember, with the right footwear, you’re going to be well on your way to a pain-free jogging experience!

3. Stay Hydrated

Hydration is mandatory or you’re going to end up with horrible back pain.

Most people look for tangible solutions such as braces, shoes, and other gear when it’s just as important to stay hydrated.

Indeed, it’s not the most glamorous tip a person is going to come across but it holds value.

Look to consume a good amount of water 30 minutes before jogging and then continue to sip away throughout the session. This is a good way to ensure your body doesn’t start to become rigid, which eventually leads to unrelenting back pain.

4. Use Your Arms

Are you using your arms properly while jogging?

It’s important to think about how your entire body is moving while jogging. It’s nice to understand how high your knees are coming up but what about the arms? They are just as important in the overall movement, especially if you are looking to stay pain-free.

So, how should your arms be?

In general, it’s best to make sure the arms are high and properly going through the motion. They should never be resting by your side because it ruins your posture. Immediately, your chest starts to sag inwards and that ruins your back’s alignment.

You want the energy to flow naturally and that includes using your arm’s momentum while moving forward.

5. Keep the Chest Out

Just like your arms have to be in the correct position, it’s also time to think about your chest.

The chest needs to be puffed out as this aligns the back with the overall force being generated. Remember, energy is going to flow from your feet all the way up through to your neck.

This is why having the chest out balances everything and makes it easier to jog for long hours.

Yes, it’s going to take a bit of time getting used to but the difference will be noticeable.

6. Don’t Run On Your Heels

You should never run on your heels as that is how people end up getting injured.

When you start sitting back on your heels, the pressure is put on the back of your feet, which is horrible for the entire body. This is going to damage your ankles, knees, and of course your back.

The pain will start to add up after a while even if you don’t feel it after the first session.

If the goal is to jog properly, it’s better to use the front half of your foot. This is where most of the weight should be going because the body is moving forward. The energy needs to be on the right part of your body.

Otherwise, it’s easy to start noticing a rise in back pain as you continue to jog.

Final Thoughts

Jogging isn’t easy and that’s why people ask, “can jogging hurt your back?”

While jogging can hurt your back, it’s just like any other activity. As long as you do it properly, the exercise is going to yield great results.

Simply take the time to learn the technique and watch as your form improves.