How To Increase Your Deadlift Fast

How To Increase Your Deadlift Fast

Want to learn how to increase your deadlift fast?

There’s a certain power, strength, and effort associated with deadlifts. Most people want to walk up to a barbell and bang out a huge number to demonstrate their physical ability.

More than squats or the bench press, it’s the deadlift that pushes people to their limits.

However, what does it take to push those limits and get to the next level as a lifter? Is it possible to see real results quickly?

Yes, it is possible!

This guide will take a look at what’s needed when it’s time to learn how to increase your deadlift fast.

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With these weight lifting shoes for women, you are able to deadlift with a purpose and look great at the same time. It’s all about leveraging your footwear and getting more out of each repetition. As a result, this is one of the best options on the market right now.

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Tips On How To Increase Your Deadlift Fast

1. Create a Strong Base

Compound movements are all about setting a strong base and adhering to it.

This means understanding how your feet and body should be set up before beginning your set. This isn’t about learning it at the beginning and then forgetting about it! You want to make sure to actively set up beforehand and then go through with the first rep.

So, what is a strong base supposed to be like for the deadlift?

Setting up for the deadlift means having enough space to lift the weight up without interference.

This means your arms and legs should be free to move up and/or down as needed. If not, you want to find a better place to lift!

Once you have enough space, it’s time to focus on your legs. You want to keep the feet shoulders’ width apart. This provides you with enough leverage to lift the weight up using your hamstrings, glutes, and back. If your feet are close together, there isn’t enough power being generated through the legs and this can hurt your lower back/spine.

You also want to make sure the feet are properly set up. This means they should be under the bar when you stand up.

It’s also highly recommended to wear the right footwear for deadlifts (read our guide on the best shoes for deadlifts). You shouldn’t walk in with a regular pair of sneakers and start lifting. This can take away from your power and might be the number one reason you’re not lifting enough!

2. Test Your Grip Positioning

Your grip is important when it comes to learning how to deadlift correctly.

You want to choose a deadlift grip that’s in line with your requirements. For some, this means having both hands facing towards the body, while others like an alternating grip (i.e. one hand forward, one hand towards the body). It’s all about what you prefer at the end of the day.

Both types of grip can work well and lead to great results, so it truly does come down to personal preference.

However, you always want to make sure the hands are in line with the feet. This means they should be set at shoulders’ width apart too. Otherwise, you are not going to gain enough power through the arms and the barbell will slip out of your hands. This is a major issue as you start to increase the weight over time.

Be smart with your grip and ensure it’s comfortable.

The lift is already hard enough and you don’t want to make things worse by having a bad grip on the barbell!

How To Increase Your Deadlift Fast

3. Know Where to Look

Do you know where to look while deadlifting?

It’s important to know where to keep your eyes focused on during the movement. The worst thing a person can do is to move their head all over the place while lifting a heavy barbell. This is what causes your posture to break down and eventually people get injured.

It’s a serious detail that is going to improve your deadlift quickly. You will start to see a rapid increase in power with a simple change like this.

So, where should your eyes go then?

You will want to look forward. Your eyes should look in front of you (a few feet). This is more than enough to ensure the rest of your body lines up properly with the barbell.

The premise behind looking in front is to ensure everything else lines up. When you are looking in front, the back remains straight and your spine doesn’t bend awkwardly.

This can help focus the power through your body as you deadlift. Otherwise, everything ends up all over the place taking away from your ability to lift heavy.

Make it a point to find a spot in front of you. This makes it simpler as you learn how to increase your deadlift fast.

4. Aim for the Middle of Your Feet

Your feet will have to be in the right spot when it comes to alignment.

This means you want to have the feet set up underneath the barbell. When done properly, the barbell is going to be right in the middle of your feet (looking from above). As a result, half of your foot is going to be sticking out in front of the barbell while the other half will remain on your side.

What is the reason for doing this?

This adds power to your deadlift and is one of those common mistakes most people make.

If you push your shins right against the barbell, this is wrong. You are restricting the bar path, which means you are not going to pull as much weight as you potentially could.

Why is this the case?

It has to do with how much power is needed to “fix” the barbell as you bring it up. It is not going to move in a straight line if you are standing too close or too far. It also takes away from how effective the exercise is.

As a result, you want to focus on keeping the feet in the middle of the barbell. This is the right starting spot and is easy to maintain.

5. Keep the Core Tight

The core needs to be kept tight when it comes to the deadlift.

When the core isn’t tight, the movement starts to become a struggle. This has to do with how energy runs through your body from the moment a barbell is lifted. If you are not keeping the core tight, you are going to lose energy in the middle of the lift.

This is when a person will notice the barbell slip out of their hands. In some cases, the body will start to shake violently as you try to keep the bar moving upwards.

This is a major issue and it’s all about keeping your core as tight as possible. It may not seem like it but this is an essential detail as you learn how to increase your deadlift fast.

6. The Back Should Remain Straight

You will want to keep the back straight throughout the movement. To do this, you want to follow the tip mentioned before about keeping your eyes looking forward. This helps with keeping your back straight.

However, you want to think about this before each repetition.

Don’t lift the barbell until your back is straight. Otherwise, you are going to put undure pressure on the spine and that’s what leads to injuries. Plus, you are going to be losing power throughout the movement with a bent back.

7. Don’t Swing the Barbell

Is the barbell swinging in your hands?

This is a major concern for lifters as you look to increase their deadlift. If you want to get stronger, you will want to keep the barbell in a straight path. This is a concern because lifters tend to swing all over the place when their technique is shoddy.

You want to avoid making this mistake.

To do so, you are going to want to set a solid base. This means keeping the shins away from the bar when it’s on the ground. Don’t slam your shins against the barbell unless you want the bar path to become wonky.

Focus on lifting the bar in a straight path from the moment it leaves the floor. This is how to increase your deadlift fast.

How To Increase Your Deadlift Fast

8. Thrust at the Top

Thrusting at the top might seem like an odd detail, but it does have a role to play in your strength.

The idea is to “lockout” at the top, which can easily be done when you thrust your hips into the bar. This is all about pushing the energy from your legs all the way to the top of the movement.

It’s a common mistake to assume lifting the barbell is easy once you get past the halfway point. However, this is untrue because that last little bit is sometimes the toughest part.

A lot of people lose power right at the top of a deadlift. You don’t want to be one of them!

This is why you want to purposely thrust your hips into the barbell as soon as you can.

This will ensure you straighten up properly and can complete the repetition correctly.

It’s easy to ignore this little detail but it goes a long way in making you a stronger lifter especially with the deadlift.

9. Drop the Weight Smoothly

How are you dropping the weight when it comes to deadlifts?

Most people have one of two ways with the end of a repetition. In one corner, you are going to have people who drop the weight completely as soon as they straighten up. While there are others who gently bring the weight down. Both are incorrect.

You want to bring the weight down in one motion. You don’t want to reduce your speed because that’s what leads to injuries and/or additional tension on the spine. Plus, it starts to eat into your ability to lift heavier.

Dropping the barbell is better than bringing it down gently. However, when you drop the barbell, it’s harder to reset in the middle of the set. Doing this after each repetition becomes tiresome and will eventually lead to a breakdown in technique.

This is why you want to simply keep the same speed and bar path while bringing the barbell down.

This is more than enough to keep your momentum heading in the right direction while completing a full set.

Don’t be afraid of making adjustments to how you do this. It will become second-nature to you after a while.

Final Thoughts

If you want to learn how to increase your deadlift fast, it’s time to start with the tips mentioned in this guide. You are going to be well on your way to bigger numbers with a simple change such as this.

Don’t be afraid to fail.

This is something you are always going to deal with in the gym. Whether it’s trying to boost your deadlift or any other exercise, it’s all about your will. If you are ready to push forward, you are going to eventually see progress.

Take the tips mentioned here to launch forward and build a stronger deadlift.