How To Jog Properly For Beginners

How To Jog Properly For Beginners

Want to learn how to jog properly for beginners?

It’s easy to jog and most people assume they’re good at it. However, the average person will end up making several mistakes in the start.

It’s important to sit down and take a look at what you’re doing wrong. Sometimes, simple changes can go a long way in improving your results.

How To Jog Properly For Beginners

The Form

Let’s begin with the form.

The first thing you want to do is understand how your feet are landing. It’s important to make sure they’re landing straight in front of you without veering to the side. Some people tend to have their toes point inwards and that’s damaging to the joints. Keep a slightly open stance while jogging and ensure those feet remain in front of you.

When your feet are landing in the right place, everything else becomes easier.

Next, you want to think about your chest. It should be puffed out as this centers the rest of your body and ensures there’s no bend in the back. if you are bent over, it can start to take a toll on your hips.

One of the first things a person does when they’re tired is hunch over. You will start to do the same, once you show signs of fatiguing. This is why joggers are told to keep their chest out as it lets them know when fatigue is settling in.

To finish things, you want to make sure your arms are staying close in and not swinging all over the place. There should be a pattern to how your arms move and they should follow a set rhythm. This is essential as you look to jog for long periods without breaking down or getting hurt.

It’s going to take a while to perfect but that’s what practice is for. Take your time to learn the form and get rid of those kinks in your technique.

Tips on How To Jog Properly for Beginners

1. Choose a Set Route

The first thing a person should do is create their route.

While it’s recommended to use a treadmill in the beginning, it’s okay to jog outside too.

The goal should be to have a set route that’s already in your mind before beginning. The reason for this has to do with your psychological state while jogging. When a person doesn’t know where they’re going, it becomes difficult to focus on form and technique. Instead, the person continues to pay attention to what’s happening around them and never get in the “zone.”

This is why it’s best to create a simple route and follow it. You are going to get a lot more out of your workout by doing this.

Plus, it is also going to allow you to dictate how things develop.

When you don’t know where to go, you need up overdoing things and getting hurt.

2. Wear the Right Footwear

What type of shoes are you wearing when it comes to jogging?

Too many people put on the wrong type of footwear and then wonder why their knees are giving out and their body hurts all the time!

You have to put on the right shoes and we believe there is nothing better than the ASICS Gel-Venture (Men and Women). These shoes are versatile, easy to use, and continue to be our number one option for all types of jogging.


By wearing the right footwear, you are going to notice a change in how you feel after a long-winded session. It’s like running on a cloud and maintaining great grip at the same time. This is why more and more people continue to invest in a good pair of jogging shoes.

3. Set a Pace and Stick to It

You have to set a pace and then stick to it.

For the average jogger, you should look to start as slow as possible and work your way up from there. Setting a pace means jogging at a consistent speed and not moving up/down from that particular point.

If you are jogging at 3 MPH then stick to this speed. Of course, you are not going to be exact but make sure to not veer away from this speed as much as possible. By doing this, you are going to see far better results.

It also helps the body stay in good shape because continuous changes in speed won’t make it easier to get through the session. Remember, being a beginner means you need to learn the fundamentals and that’s what pacing is all about.

How To Jog Properly For Beginners

4. Start Slow

Don’t pretend you’re a seasoned jogger with medals under their name!

You have to begin slow and that’s normal.

The idea of starting slow means reducing how far you jog on the first day or what speed you decide to stick with. The goal should be to underestimate what you are capable of because it’s always easy to work your way up. If you decide to overdo things, it’s likely to lead to an injury.

You have to be smart about your training and that begins with staying patient. When you are patient, it’s far easier to jog properly.

This is why setting the pace is such an important feature of modern-day jogging.

5. Stretch Before Jogging

Are you stretching enough before going for a jog?

Learning how to jog as a beginner means stretching as much as possible. You cannot start jogging without at least taking a few minutes to loosen your limbs up. This is the only way to feel confident in your body.

Too many joggers end up hurt because their muscles are still rigid when they start jogging.

You have to realize the muscles won’t be ready and it’s not as easy to stay healthy when you’re ignoring the idea of stretching.

Yes, everyone is eager to get started but you have to consider this as a part of the process.

Take your time and make sure you to better understand what’s needed. This is the only way to feel confident in what you are doing.

6. Loosen Up

Loosening up means your psychological state of mind as you learn how to jog properly for beginners

You have to understand jogging shouldn’t be done under duress. You have to feel calm while jogging as that is going to allow you to maximize your technique. Otherwise, your mind will not allow you to get more out of the session.

While this isn’t essential, it’s still recommended.

There’s nothing worse than getting hurt because you’re not in the right state of mind. This happens all the time and that’s not a good thing!

Final Thoughts

These are the tips to keep in mind when it’s time to learn how to jog properly for beginners.

In the start, you’re going to have trouble keeping up and mistakes will be made. This is normal and it’s not a reason to panic! Instead, you want to stick to what you’re doing and make subtle tweaks along the way.

By making changes, you are going to notice a shift in your ability to jog.

Implement this advice and you’re going to be jogging like the pros in no time!