How To Use Dumbbells At Home For Ladies

How To Use Dumbbells At Home For Ladies

Want to learn how to use dumbbells at home for ladies?

Well, it’s time to learn the art of working out!

Dumbbells are a powerful tool for those looking to build a strong, toned body. Women around the world hope to optimize their workout routine without taking away from the rest of their schedule.

If you’re ready to take the next step when it comes to working out then it’s time to focus on using dumbbells at home.

How To Use Dumbbells At Home For Ladies

Top Dumbbell Exercises for Women

1. Dumbbell Deadlifts

The deadlift is a powerful movement and helps work out several muscles at the same time.

These muscles include your back, traps, biceps, hamstrings, and glutes.

Having such a well-rounded exercise in your routine is a must. Without it, you’re going to be missing out on superior gains and that’s the last thing anyone wants! Stay laser-focused on your goal and include this in your routine right away.

To complete the movement, you have to start by picking a weight that’s reasonably easy to lift off the ground without getting hurt (start light!).

Place the weights on the ground in front of your feet while standing up. From this position, you’re going to keep the back straight and simply lift the weights until your body is standing up. Now bring the weight back down to complete the repetition.

This is one of those exercises that is going to make you stronger and fitter in a matter of weeks. The progression can be splendid and it’s something all women should think about incorporating in their routine as soon as they can.

2. Dumbbell Goblet Squats

Want to have stronger, bigger glutes?

There’s nothing better for the glutes than well-targeted dumbbell goblet squats. The results are going to leave you impressed and that’s why they’re a must in your routine. Without the squats, you’re going to be missing out big time!

We recommend completing this movement earlier in the workout using heavier dumbbells.

To complete the movement, it’s important to begin by finding the right dumbbell. You will only be using one for this particular movement.

The exercise begins by spreading your legs wider than shoulder’s width apart. From this position, you’re going to hold the dumbbell straight down with your arms stretched. The goal is to “squat” from this position until the dumbbell is almost touching the ground before bouncing back up.

Make sure to maintain good form while doing this. You want to keep a straight back throughout the movement and almost sit back while moving. It’s almost as if you were getting ready to sit in an imaginary chair.

Over time, you should look into increasing the weight and pushing harder. The results are going to come quickly.

3. Weighted Crunches

Crunches are a given when it’s time to work out your core.

With crunches, you want to find a reasonably light dumbbell that’s going to be easy to move up and down while flat on the floor. Remember, it doesn’t take a lot to push the abs each repetition as long as you use the right technique.

Focus on the form more than how much weight is being lifted. This is what will get you that flat stomach.

Using dumbbells for a flat tummy is all about weighted crunches and a good diet.

Let’s begin with the weighted crunches.

To complete this movement, you’re going to begin by resting flat on your back with the dumbbell on your chest. From this position, you will raise the legs so only your feet and glutes are touching the floor.

From here, you are going to raise the upper body while looking at the roof. The dumbbell should never move from start to finish (keep it attached to the chest). You will want to focus on using the abs to complete the motion.

4. Dumbbell Lunges

Lunges are an excellent dumbbell exercise and come with a long list of benefits. This movement helps your thighs, glutes, calves, and core.

For this exercise, you’re going to need two dumbbells.

Make sure to pick a weight that’s reasonable and is going to allow you to complete at least 8-10 repetitions (each side). If not, you may end up with average results and that’s not good enough!

To complete the movement, you are going to start in the standing position with your feet shoulder’s width apart. The dumbbells are going to be resting by your side as you stand up.

The goal of this movement is to “lunge” forward with one leg by bending at the knee until it’s angled at 90 degrees. From this position, you’re going to push on and lunge with the other leg. While doing this, make sure your back leg doesn’t touch the ground. You want to go only as low as that back leg lets you.

At first, this is going to be tough. You may end up swerving, slipping, or even losing balance because it requires dedication. You will have to work on your form. Some people start with nothing but their bodyweight as a way to learn the exercise. We recommend doing this if you’re learning.

Once you get the hang of it, the lunges will become ten times easier.

5. Lateral Raises

The shoulders are generally neglected by people and that’s a shame. You should concentrate on including at least one shoulder movement in the workout routine. This provides a more well-rounded physique.

There are several options but we’ll focus on the lateral raise as you learn how to use dumbbells at home for ladies.

You are going to require two dumbbells for this movement. Please make sure to go with light dumbbells because you won’t need a lot to get the muscles working hard.

To complete this movement, you’re going to start in the standing position (seated is fine too) with the dumbbells resting by your side. From this position, you are going to raise the arms up and away from you as if it’s time to fly away like a bird. You are going to do this in a controlled manner.

Don’t flail your arms because that can lead to injury in the joint.

Be smart about your technique and make sure you’re using strict form. This will allow you to get more of a burn from each repetition.

How To Use Dumbbells At Home For Ladies

Tips On How To Use Dumbbells at Home for Ladies

1. Use Lighter Dumbbells

Always use lighter dumbbells.

This is why we recommend going with the Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Dumbbells because they allow you to make quick switches at home. You can simply spin the dial and the dumbbells are going to click into place.

By going with lighter dumbbells, you can maximize your results. Otherwise, you end up wasting energy and moving the dumbbells without reasonable returns. This is a concern many women deal with during workouts.

Don’t be one of them and put your ego aside!

2. Emphasize Good Form

You will have to use good form when it comes to dumbbells. There are several variables associated with dumbbells that don’t come with machines/barbells. This is why it’s important to focus on getting the technique right.

There are too many examples of people ignoring the technique and getting hurt at home.

Instead of getting injured, take your time to learn the movement. If this means starting with nothing more than your bodyweight then that’s fine. It’s all about progression and building your way up.

Remember, it’s not a race.

3. Use the Right Dumbbells

We believe there’s nothing more important than the right pair of dumbbells. You want to find something that has a good grip, remains easy to use and offers quick adjustments on the fly.

As mentioned before, we believe the Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells remain an ideal fit.

4. Focus on Compound Movements

Compound movements are your best friend while working out with dumbbells at home. You have to include them in your routine and make the most of what they have to offer.

To get more out of these movements, we recommend including them right at the beginning of your session.

This means all squats, deadlifts, bench presses should be done in the beginning. You can then move onto single-joint exercises later on when you’re fatigued. It’s a lot easier to get through those because compound movements are taxing. They will push you hard.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on how to use dumbbells at home for ladies.

It’s going to be a work in progress at the start but that’s the beauty of working out at home. You can learn on the go, adapt, and make the most of what you have available in front of you.

Working out doesn’t have to be about fancy equipment. Sometimes, all it takes is some dumbbells and a great attitude as you learn how to use dumbbells at home for ladies!