Understanding What Jogging Does For You

Understanding What Jogging Does For You

Want to learn more about what jogging does for you?

It’s an interesting cardiovascular exercise and often considered a top option for beginners.

Jogging is easy-going, efficient, and safe for the average person. This is one of the reasons most people start with short jogging sessions on a treadmill. It’s a great way to stay fit and lose weight.

However, it’s important to dig deeper and understand what jogging does for you.

Let’s take a look at jogging, what it has to offer, and what you can do to become better at it.

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Understanding What Jogging Does for You

1. Burns Calories

Jogging burns approximately 105 calories per mile.

This demonstrates the power of jogging when compounded over a longer period. A person running 10 miles per week will burn 1,050 calories through activity. This is a wonderful number and can do great things with regards to losing weight.

Jogging is one of the better options for losing weight without damaging your joints.

Consider building a full-fledged program using jogging. This can go a long way in making it easier to shed body fat, feel fitter, and look better. The average person can make significant gains with nothing more than jogging in their workout routine.

Don’t be afraid of jogging because the amount you jog is in your hands.

As you continue to get better at jogging, feel free to increase the distance. Many people end up running 2-3 miles per session.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Endurance

Your cardiovascular endurance is going to increase rapidly.

If you start huffing and puffing after climbing a set of stairs, it may be time to include a bit of jogging in your routine. This is one of the better ways to improve your endurance over the short and long-term.

Most people lead lethargic lifestyles meaning they’re spending hours on the couch or desk every day. The only exercise they get is walking from their car to the office building!

This is unfortunate and shouldn’t be the way a person lives. Instead, a short session of jogging can get the job done and improve your endurance.

What Jogging Does For You

3. Strengthens the Heart and Lungs

Are your heart and lungs in good shape?

For those refusing the workout, the heart and lungs will start to age rapidly. This happens to most people and they begin to notice issues with their ability to breathe or move around.

This shouldn’t be happening but it often does.

You have to be smarter and make sure your heart and lungs are given the opportunity to stay healthy. Leading a lazy lifestyle isn’t the way to go and is only putting more stress on your vital organs.

Jogging does a wonderful job of strengthening these organs over time. Your body starts to learn how to pump blood and maximize oxygen under duress. This is essential in training your body to get stronger.

Researchers believe 20-30 minutes of exercise per day can improve a person’s heart and lungs.

Even 2-3 sessions per week is a step in the right direction. Take the initiative and watch as jogging changes your life for the better.

4. Improves Muscle Tone

Are your leg muscles looking a tad flimsy?

This is a major issue for most people and it’s not a pretty sight. You may have the weakest calves in the world right now but jogging can turn things around.

Due to the amount of work your leg muscles put into jogging, they will start to adapt and grow. This is a natural reaction over time and it can be quite beneficial in improving muscle tone.

You are going to start to notice a significant change in how they look and feel. This is why most runners have incredible legs.

They might not have the mass, but the leg muscles are convincingly toned. It’s never a bad thing to aim for and it’s one of the added advantages of jogging regularly.

5. Improves Breathing

Your breathing is going to improve and this is more than just your lungs getting stronger.

You will start to learn how to breathe properly while jogging. It’s about understanding how to maximize your intake and ensure the right amount of oxygen enters your body with each breath.

Lazy people that don’t work out will notice issues with their breathing. It’s important to shed fat and make sure you train your body to breathe correctly. It doesn’t always happen naturally, especially for those who are unfit.

Any improvements in breathing will only make life easier for you over the long-term.

Tips for Jogging Properly

1. Use the Correct Technique

Start by learning the right technique for jogging.

This means keeping your chest out, elbows closer to the body, and jogging in a straight line.

The average person will have issues with their technique and that’s normal. It’s nothing to worry about as long as you’re willing to adapt. If not, you are going to start to hurt your joints and the pressure will take away from your performance.

Take the opportunity to learn how to jog correctly. It’s a worthwhile investment from a physical and health perspective.

Don’t flail your arms to the side or jog unevenly. This will hamper your results and lead to injury.

Keep everything organized and jog with a purpose.

2. Set a Schedule

You will need to set a schedule before jogging.

This can be something as simple as jogging three times per week (30-minute sessions).

You want to have a schedule because it controls how much you jog and when you jog during the week. Otherwise, people start jogging without rhyme or reason leading to uneven sessions.

You don’t want to jog without an organized plan because most people start cutting corners after a while. It’s a natural reaction and you may not even notice it at first. However, this will start cutting into your results quickly!

Start with something similar to 2-3 sessions per week. You can start to increase the duration of each session as you get better at jogging.

What Jogging Does For You

3. Wear the Right Footwear

The right footwear for jogging is a must.

You shouldn’t be jogging without the right shoes because a tremendous amount of stress is put on your feet. If you are wearing the wrong shoes, your joints will hurt and start to break down.

Be smart and invest in the right pair of jogging shoes as soon as you can.

You want to find shoes that have a breathable upper, feel secure, and provide enough traction as you begin to jog.

4. Stay Patient

Patience is difficult for the average person.

Jogging for beginners is often about instant gratification and that simply doesn’t happen in the world of fitness. You will have to take your time to learn the technique, build a schedule, and remain consistent.

This is when the results start to pour in.

If you assume the results are going to come right away, you are mistaken. Jogging is a long-term play and the results will take months.

Yes, you are going to start to lose weight right way but it doesn’t always happen in large numbers. You may lose 0.5 pounds per week at some points and that’s normal. Simply adjust and continue with your workout program.

5. Use Progression-Based Training

Progression is one of the best ways to approach any workout.

You want to think about getting better at jogging because that’s when the results will come.

What does it mean to progress while jogging?

This means increasing the amount of time you jog per day or jogging at an incline. It’s about doing more than you did in the previous session.

For example, let’s assume you’re a beginner and start with 3 sessions per week (30 minutes each).

To “progress,” you will now jog 3 sessions per week (40 minutes each). Right away, you have added 30 minutes of jogging to your routine per week!

This type of progress is going to be great for your health and your physique.

Final Thoughts

Jogging is one of the best cardiovascular exercises on the planet.

It’s a game-changer for most people and makes you a fitter human being. Find the right footwear, put together a schedule, and start jogging as soon as you can!

It’s going to be a noteworthy difference in your life and will be worth it.