What To Look For In A Rowing Machine?

What To Look For In A Rowing Machine?

Want to know what to look for in a rowing machine?

It’s difficult to understand the ins and outs of an exercise machine. The same applies to a rowing machine.

As you go through the various settings, it becomes obvious how challenging the process is. You may want to take the time to learn what’s required before spending your hard-earned money on a new rower.

Let’s take a look at what’s needed to find the best rowing machine.

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What To Look For in a Rowing Machine

1. Compact Size

The size is an essential starting point as you figure things out.

Where are you going to be putting the brand-new rower? Is it going to be located in a separate home gym in your basement? Is it going in the corner of your small apartment?

These details are critical to making a decision and can help sway you one way or the other.

We recommend taking a look at the dimensions and measuring your room well in advance. This helps map out where the rowing machine is going to go, how it’ll function, and whether or not that’s a good fit for your needs.

By having this information, you can select a rowing machine that’s in line with your needs.

You should never force a larger machine into your room. It won’t offer the results needed to keep you happy and it’s only going to get in the way. It’s better to go with a compact, durable machine that can handle your weight.

2. Reliable Build Quality

Never buy a rowing machine that’s made of flimsy materials.

It’s going to break down as soon as you sit down and it will rarely offer the value you’re hoping to get out of it. Instead, it’s better to choose something that’s dependable, consistent, and made of high-quality steel.

Focus on how the machine is designed to determine whether or not it’s long-lasting.

When a machine is mostly made of stainless steel, it’s not going to age as quickly. You will know it’s the real deal and is going to do well as time goes on. However, if it is made of other materials such as rubber or plastic, it will start to give out after a while.

The best rowing machine for home gyms has to be made of stainless steel or other similar materials.

3. Multiple Resistance Settings

How many resistance settings does the rower have?

It’s okay to go with something that has at least six resistance settings. This depends on what you’re looking for and what your budget is. Each situation is going to be different but it’s important to have at least six resistance settings to work with. This ensures you can customize the setup to your liking.

However, we believe it’s even better to go with a rowing machine that offers up to eight resistance settings.

This is when you’re able to switch between resistance settings and fully personalize your workout session.

What To Look For In A Rowing Machine?

4. Easy to Use Display

The LCD display is often ignored during the buying process.

Most people assume that it is nothing more than an aesthetic detail. However, they are wrong as the LCD display is essential in how the machine works. If the display isn’t effective, it’s difficult to switch between settings.

You want something that is crystal-clear, easy to use, and in line with what a rowing machine should look like.

If the display is good, you are going to have a good time with the rowing machine. It’s a detail that does matter.

5. Adjustable Seating

Sitting down in a seat that is uncomfortable is awful. You are never going to get a good workout session out of the rowing machine when the seat is set at an awkward or rigid angle.

Imagine sitting in someone’s car and having to drive without adjusting the seat. This is going to be awkward and simply dangerous.

This is the same for rowing machines. You can get injured by rowing in the wrong position as it ruins your posture.

Make sure to go with a rowing machine that allows you to adjust the seat.

6. Ideal for Longer Sessions

The sessions can vary in time and that’s normal.

Some people are going to want to sit on the rowing machine for 10 minutes while others are going to put hours into a session. This is an individual preference based on what your workout program is like.

However, you want to go with something that has breathable materials and doesn’t start to heat up.

This is when going through a longer session becomes uncomfortable. You will start to notice the heat and that is the last thing a person wants as they are sweating. A good rowing machine is one that is able to handle longer sessions without becoming a problem.

7. Comprehensive Grip

It’s the grip that people forget about while buying a rower.

You want to look at the top rowing machines on the market and assess their grip. This means how the handle is when it’s in your hands.

Is it easy to hold? Does it have a textured finish?

You want to make sure the grip isn’t going to give out as soon as you start to sweat a bit!

8. Personalized Options

Customization is a must as you settle in for a rowing session.

Imagine having to go through a professional rower’s routine when you don’t know how to use the rowing machine. This is why personalization is a must!

You want to sit down and fully personalize each angle before moving forward. It ensures the results are effective, easy to understand, and in line with what a home gym requires.

Look at going with something that is fully customized as it will lead to better results. Personalization is all about understanding the nuances of your machine. For example, does it allow you to change resistance levels during the session? Does it allow you to play around with the seat until it’s best suited to your body?

These questions are important as you figure out which rowing machine is best for you.

Final Thoughts

These are the main tips on what to look for in a rowing machine.

Focus on finding a rower that is effective, simple to use, and safe at the same time. When you find a power-packed rowing machine, it’s going to make a noteworthy difference to your overall home gym.

Take your time going through each detail and then make a decision.